Swami Anasakti is my highly respected spiritual teacher. It is an absolute honour to study with her. She has devoted her life to the teachings of Yoga and I am grateful to be guided by her realm of knowledge and wisdom.
She is also passing her knowledge of Yoga to my students with her various visits to Germany at my yoga studio YOGANANDA Dreieich. 
Larissa von Seydlitz

Anaskati is a marvellously experienced yoga teacher who has the ability to guide you through her class with beautiful grace and insight.  She pitches her class perfectly for each individual at just the right level and is sensitive to their needs and condition. Following a traditional style of Satyananda Yoga, her class includes asanas and pranayama, often beginning with chanting and ending with yoga nidra.  This combination of techniques leaves you feeling spiritually and physically nourished.  Added to this is her thought provoking wisdom and how to live life in a world that can seem overwhelming, especially for those of us dwelling in the demanding London metropolis. It is a privilege attending her class.  David Nevin 

I have been going to Anasakti's classes for over ten years.   I find the yoga she teaches suits me as it is a combination of asanas combined with the correct breathing, and meditation or pranayama.   The classes are very professional and she works around all the people in the class who have different levels and physical problems.  I also enjoy the spiritual empathy that Anasakti has with us all.
The hour and thirty minutes seem to leave me calmer and more energised at the same time.  I have been to a lot of yoga teachers but now am content to stay put. 
Joanna MacDonald

Anasakti is an inspirational teacher. She is thorough, professional and caring and is always more than happy to adapt her teaching to individual need. All students leave her classes with an increased sense of wellbeing and calm. I cannot recommend her more highly. Judith Edwards

I met Swami Anasakti in 2005, shortly after finishing my yoga teacher diploma with BWY and was desperately looking for a teacher that could take me to the next level. Although by then I had already been practising for over a decade and was already teaching classes, I felt as if my yoga journey had just begun. Over the years, as well as seeing her regularly to receive my personal practice, I have attended some of her courses and day workshops. Her wealth of knowledge and experience is invaluable, and demonstrate clearly the differences between one who has received instructions directly from a Guru supported by thousands of years of tradition and one who has read a few books and attended a few classes and a couple of retreats. So, if you really want to discover what Yoga is really about (rather than the commercial hype) and experience what classical yoga can do for you, she is one of the very few teachers in the UK and Europe who can help you out. Anne Tison



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