It is important that you let your teacher know about any medical conditions affecting you such as, high blood pressure, diabetes, injuries, pregnancy, heart problems or mental problems etc., whilst some practices might be beneficial some others can be injurious and should be modified or avoided. If you have any doubt about your medical condition or the suitability of yoga for you, please consult your doctor.

What do you need to practise Yoga

  • Wear comfortable and loose clothing which allows you to move and breath freely.
  • Yoga is practised bared feet: No exceptions
  • Always practise yoga on an empty stomach (that means do not have a meal for at least 2 hours before your practice). 
  • You can have a fruit, a biscuit or a cup of tea or water. You can also bring water but it is recommended that you do drink after rather than during.
  • Please have your own yoga mat: Your mat is where you build your practice; see it has your own oasis, your space;
  • Have a blanket large enough to cover you during relaxation and or meditation. It also does come in handy to help with some of the postures.

    anasaktis yogA