anasaktis yogA

This style of Yoga is based on the Bihar School of Yoga which is a classical yoga system and incorporates a wide range of practices from ancient and traditional sources and which are made relevant for today modern living.

This classical approach incorporates the whole person. It teaches us to live with awareness, to be present so that we can fully engage with life and fulfil our potential.

This system is a gentle form of yoga that is taught in a slow and systematic way that is deeply transformational and heals physically and mentally. The focus is on the development of one's whole being, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual rather than just the physical. It encompasses the full eight limbs of yoga and meditation which is the cornerstone, honouring its 6,000 years of heritage.

There are a number of core practices and techniques which are at the heart of this system. Each class will include Asana (posture work) pranayama (breathing techniques) Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) and Meditation.

Beginners: These are gentle movements which work on all the joints of the body encouraging energy to flow into particular areas while stimulating and energising the digestive system. The overall effect is to release stress and tension as the mind and body relax along with improvement in flexibility and energy.

Post Beginners: Having created a firm foundation for stronger deeper practice from the Beginners course you are now ready to learn more dynamic sequences and more physical demanding postures. You will be introduced to more subtle pranayama and deeper relaxation and introductory to meditation.

Continuation: Sequences are deepened meanwhile strength will be built and awareness deepened by holding postures. More advanced practices are introduced and developed. Meditation concentration and other techniques are expanded.

Established: Practices becomes more subtle and meditative. Classical asanas are explored: Mudras, Bandhas, Mantras, Chakras, Prana. The general pace slower and practices more internalised.